Large lizards with thick hides and spirited gait, Inixes are often domesticated for being beasts of burden and battle mounts. Inixes are aggressive, and are sometimes difficult to sway from fights. As such, they are often chosen as mounts by competent riders and mounted warriors. An Inix’s bite is extremely powerful, and can easily rip through flesh and crush bones. An Inix grows to about 10 ft. long and 5 ft. high, and can weigh up to 6,000 lbs.

STR 3d6+10 (20)
CON 3d6+10 (20)
SIZ 2d6+31 (38)
DEX 3d6 (11)
INS 2d6+4 (9)
POW 2d6 (7)

Action Pts: 2
Damage Modifier: +1d12
Power Points: 7
Movement: 8m
Strike Rank: 10
Armour: Tough hide (4)

Location AP/HP
1-3 Tail 4/10
4-5 R. Hind Leg 4/10
6-7 L. Hind Leg 4/10
8-10 Hindquarters 4/11
11-14 Forequarters 4/11
15-16 R. Front Leg 4/10
17-18 L. Front Leg 4/10
19-20 Head 4/10

Special Abilities

Low-light vision
Rough-ride: Inixes are difficult to ride as they sway dramatically from side to side when they run. As such, all Ride checks are considered one grade harder while mounted on an Inix.


Athletics 70%, Brawn 88%, Endurance 70%, Evade 42%, Perception 46%, Willpower 32%

Combat Style

Teeth and Tail (Bite, Tail) 71%

Weapon Size/Force Reach Damage AP/HP
Bite H M 1d10+1d12 n/a
Tail Whip H L 1d8+1d12 as tail





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