Savage and unthethered by a strict moral backbone, gith are fierce feral hunters. One of the few creatures to make their homes underground, the gith are predisposed to raid the surface when it is advantageous to do so. A typical gith stands about 5 feet tall hunched over, and 7 feet tall standing erect. A gith weighs 160-180 lbs. on average.

Most gith are led by the strongest, most powerful member of the tribe. Typically, this chieftan also has noteworthy psionic ability.

STR 2d6+8 (15)
CON 3d6+2 (12)
SIZ 2d6+9 (16)
DEX 3d6 (11)
INT 2d6+2 (9)
POW 3d6 (11)
CHA 2d6+2 (9)

Action Pts: 2
Damage Modifier: +1d4
Power Points: 11
Movement: 6m
Strike Rank: 10
Armour: Gith leather armor (Tattered leather chest/shoulder piece and bracers)

Location AP/HP
1-3 Right Leg 0/6
4-6 Left Leg 0/6
7-9 Abdomen 0/7
10-12 Chest 2/8
13-15 Right Arm 2/5
16-18 Left Arm 2/5
19-20 Head 0/6

Special Abilities

Night Sight


Athletics 76%, Brawn 61%, Endurance 64%, Evade 52%, Perception 60%, Willpower 42%

Combat Style

Gith Savage (Carrikal, Claws, Shield) 66%

Weapon Size/Force Reach Damage AP/HP
Bone carrikal M M 1d8+1+1d4 3/8
Claws M M 1d4+1d4 as arms
Beasthide Target Shield L S 1d3+1+1d4 4/9


Energy Control (PK 2; up to 1d6 points of fire only)
Matter Agitation (PK 2)


Gith chief: STR 17, INT 11, POW 15, CHA 11. 4-point Chitin armor. Weapons are of higher-quality. Combat style skill is 81%. Psychokinetic Aspect of 6, rather than 2. Owns one other psionic Aspect of 4 (along with two disciplines under that Aspect).

Gith wilder: INT 10, POW 13. Rarely fights in close-combat. Psychokinetic Aspect of 4, rather than 2. Owns one other psionic Aspect of 2 (along with one discipline under that Aspect).

Gith berserker: Has rage ability:

Rage: Gith berserkers can enter a rage at will. While raging, a gith adds +4 to STR and CON for a duration equal to its (modified) CON score in minutes. Evade rolls are considered one difficulty harder while raging. Afterward, the gith berserker gains two levels of fatigue. Rage can only occur if the gith is ‘Tired’ or better (see fatigue rules page 120). Typically, gith will only go into a rage if angered or justly threatened. Gith berserkers cannot use their psionic powers when enraged.


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