Xulf Dorme

A Resourceful Invesistigator with few unusual obsessions and a Incriminateing past.


Race: Dwarf? Wip
Eye color:Brown
Height: 4’10"
Home city: Nibenay
Born: North Ledo
Resides: Balic
Character traits: Humorous, flexible, Optimistic, Obsessed.
Martial status: Divorced
Dwarfin focus: The Truth

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intuitive and creative.

natural curiosity and a genuine concern for others.

Analytical in thought, empathetic and highly observant.

Unique Skill******

Above average Intelligence

Obsessively Believes that…
-there is still parts of the world not destroyed by the sorcerer kings
-there are Portals to the moons of Athas/Other planets (protected by Unknown race or Afide)
-that Afide are alien (and that they where sent to overthrow the Sorcerer Kings)

Is a Refugee/Wanted in Nibenay for uncovering information on the Shadow King and his growing Army.

Has ties to the Veiled Allience in Balic.


Xulf Dorme

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