Captain Volrouak

A ruthless pirate captain of the Silt Sea, with a scent for coin and a magnetism for hazard.


Character Name: Captain Volrouak
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Height: 10’2’’
Weight: 550
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Right

Description: Huge by even half giant’s standards Captain Volrouak stand’s 10 foot 2 and is made of pure unadulterated muscle. He has dark brown hair that comes down to his collar bone and a short chinstrap and soul patch of a beard. A scar on the left of his mouth going vertically through his mouth and across with his mouth. Most of the time Volrouak can be found wearing a red bandana around his head with a dark blue tunic and dark brown pants tucked into his large black boots. Across his chest is a bandolier full of bone knives. At times he wears a dark brown duster with big black buttons. At his hip a large falchion is found. It’s blade made of Iron a compass inladen into the bottom of the hilt. The sword itself stands almost as tall as the Captain.

Bloodline: Father Volrough(slave), Mother Goura(slave)

Contacts/Friends Captain Ordear’s

Enemies: The Templars

Motivations: Coin, adventure, notoriety, rare treasure’s

Captain Volrouak

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