Schizotypal hermit of the badland wastes


A small, hunched creature of venerable age, Veloc is leather-skinned and his joints are knobby. He often displays strange mannerisms and body language —an affect of his isolation most likely. He has a penchant for unwarranted nudity.


Veloc is a druid of the wastes. He has lived in the badlands north of Fort Glamis for many years, in direct communication with the spirits of the wilds there. He has the capacity for magic, and seemingly a supernatural connection with insects; he had two “pet” cilopses, and attracts insects as if his flesh was honeyed.

Veloc has somehow attracted the interest of the Templars in Balic. He was rumored to be imprisoned in a secret prison outside of the city. This prison was located by Soroule after a few physical clues were brought to Fort Karsto. Soroule was able to read psychometric impressions in these clues to pinpoint his location. It is not yet known why Hanibaal Demontes wanted to break him out of captivity.


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