Rook Skogr

Exiled templar turned Freelance Intelligence agent with a gift in psionics.



Rook was born and raised in Balic.

At an early age Rook was introduced to the way by his father, a Master teacher of the art.
His father taught many influential people throughout Balic ushering his fathers status up through the social rungs from lower to upper middle class.
By age 16, rooks father was training many Balician upper class to include a few templars. Rook befriended a templar student and was able to land himself a position amongst the Balician ranks by age 19 with his own psionic gifts helping his cause.
once amongst the ranks of the templar Rook climbed quickly. His father’s job created wealth allowed for him too afford schooling for rook. Which only complemented Rooks psionic edge. By age 22 Rook was part of Balic’s secret operations and Intelligence branch. Rook found his niche here and quickly filled his role in the group with great pride and eagerness. little did Rook know but his newly appointed perfect job would be his undoing.

Rook Skogr

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