Hanibaal Demontes

Exiled Tyrian noble hellbent on securing an influential foothold in the world and executing the ultimate revenge to the one who ruined him.


“In order to obtain and hold power, a man must love it.” -Leo Tolstoy


Hanibaal is a human who stands roughly about 5’11 with an average build and dark hair, fair skin, and green eyes. He has striking good looks that are accented by a thick dark mustache and an overall well-kept appearance.

Family History

Hanibaal Demontes was first-born of Urnhan Demontes making him the future successor to his fathers seat at the head of the Demontes family. The family rose to nobility with Drophos Demontes a distinguished Templar of Tyr, and father of 7 children, but notably Phosurn who would go on to father Urnhan and Nalthen and leader of the family. Just prior to his passing, Phosurn willed that Nalthen would lead the family though Urnhan was the oldest, but before his father’s words could come true Urnhan destroyed the documentation signed in witness of the two brothers. When this denied Nalthen the ability to rise as head of the house a visceral schism was created between Nalthen and Urnhan. Due to Hanibaal being Urnhan’s only son, Hanibaal’s life is in danger of his uncle’s actions to insure that the family power comes back to him upon Urnhan’s passing.

Due to the short amount of time that the Demontes bloodline has been of noble blood it has created a constant scramble to gain a footing in the race of Tyrian nobles. Urnhan vastly expanded the Demontes’ power with beneficial negotiations with House Tomblador. However the Demontes name does not carry much weight to those unaware of the polotics of Tyrian nobles.

Personal History

Hanibaal was born 24 years prior to Tyr’s adoption of the Free Year Calendar in the noble district of Tyr. At the age of five his father had Hanibaal entered into formal education in Tyrian politics as well as private tutoring under the bard and family friend Jacquipo. When Hanibaal reached the age of nine his sister, Amalah, was born. Unfortunately, Hanibaal’s mother passed during the birth leaving Hanibaal and the newly born Amalah motherless. Hanibaal’s father was too busy to stay home to watch after the children, so he hired a half-elven caretaker named Mihet. Mihet would come to be a good motherly figure for Amalah, and Hanibaal would come to care for her over the years. Hanibaal took the loss very harshly, but took solace in working at the play house and dedicating himself to his studies under Jacquipo.

While working at the playhouse Hanibaal met his childhood friend, Morutahl, a boy of common blood who worked in the kitchen. Hanibaal and Morutahl became very good friends over time and tagged together most days that they did not work at the playhouse. Their friendship continued until they became of age to start upon their careers. At 16, Hanibaal went to work for House Tomblador, and Hanibaal had his father pull some strings to get Morutahl into Templar duties.

Over the next three years the two boys quickly rose through the ranks of their work. Hanibaal made a name for himself through his aptitude for business with a very lucrative future on the horizon in the merchant house for inside the house he held a reputation for being able to complete difficult illegal deals due to his connection with Morutahl. However, Morutahl quickly reached the ceiling in the Templars that his bloodline offered, due to his lineage he would not be able to rise above the rank of captain. So when Hanibaal came to Morutahl needing help on a deal that would propel Hanibaal to the inner circle of the merchant house, Morutahl realised what he needed to do to get promoted.

Morutahl arranged the deal with Hanibaal and promised clear passage for him, the elves, and the load of drugs being smuggled into the city. Halfway through his plan, Hanibaal was blocked by a group of Templars and promptly searched. Hanibaal wasn’t aware of his deceit until he spotted Morutahl leading the men in the shadows. The drugs and coin were confiscated by the Templar, the elves were put to death on the spot, and Hanibaal was imprisoned.

Knowing he had been discovered, Morutahl volunteered to escort the prisoner, and took the time of the trip to explain his actions to Hanibaal. Morutahl never once expressed remorse, or an apologetic tone. Hanibaal replied with one statement and that was the promise that if he ever saw Morutahl again he would run him through with a blade. Urnhan had to burn many a favor to have Hanibaal removed from prison over the next few days, and when Hanibaal finally was able to return home he was immediately confronted by his father.

Urnhan furiously stated the embarrassment Hanibaal’s actions brought to the family and to House Tomblador. Urnhan decided the only solution would be to cast Hanibaal out of Tyr and hoped that by the time Hanibaal would be needed to take over the family the wounds of this incident would be healed. He gave instruction to Hanibaal that if he returned before that time he would strip him of his noble name turning the family power over to Nalthen. Hanibaal was extremely angered by this, but did understand its necessity. Hanibaal gathered what wealth he could and with promise to his sister of his safe return one day Hanibaal headed out of Tyr towards elven tribe not to far from Tyr where Mihet’s family lived. Hanibaal only lived with Mihet’s family for a month before the toll of being at the bottom of the food chain in elven society set in. Hanibaal explained to them that being so close to Tyr made him a simple target to any assassins that his uncle send after him and apologized for having to leave so soon.

Before he left he handsomely payed one of Mihet’s brothers to run him word of his fathers passing when the time came and gave instructions on how to find him in Balic.Hanibaal called Balic home for four years working under the table for House Tomblador and living off wages earned by working at the Thesbian House leaving his hidden wealth intact. His departure from Balic came when after a performance one night he went to have a drink of wine and detected the drink was poisoned just before drinking.

That night Hanibaal packed his bags and wealth and hired an escort to Fort Glamis. Hanibaal spent the next two years traveling from small settlements and planning his future until his return to Fort Glamis brought him contact with a group of cursed adventurers.


Rolich Tuften – High ranking Blacian member of merchant house Tomblador. Has been on good terms with Hanibaal for five years. Rolich provides information and possible job leads when Hanibaal needs. (Friendly)

Tavrin Sunoe – Half-elven brother to Mihet. Paid by Hanibaal yearly to run him information of his father’s passing when the time comes. Left with instructions on how to find him and Hanibaal will send a runner to him to inform him of big movements. (Good Friend)

Coraanu – An elven merchant who travels into Balic at the beginning of every month. Is hanibaal’s poison material supplier. (Neutral)


Mihet – Half-elven Childhood Caretaker. Hanibaal is unaware if she is still in Tyr or not. (Family)

Amalah Demontes – Younger sister of Hanibaal still resides in Tyr. (Family)

Jaquipo – Human Bard who may or may not still work in Tyr. Was Hanibaals Teacher. (Mentor)


Urnhan Demontes – Forbids Hanibaal’s return to Tyr while he still lives. (Dislike)

Nalthen Demontes – Hanibaal’s uncle. Will kill Hanibaal if given the chance. (Hatred)

Morutahl – Childhood friend that betrays Hanibaal. Most likely doesn’t pay much attention to the actions he made agianst Hanibaal. (Hatred Towards Him)


Hanibaal carries with him a Tyrian cello which he mainly performs on. The cello is custom-made of sturdy wood and is augmented to carry a psionic tune through crystals inlaid in the neck of the instrument. He has used it since he was a child and keeps it in immaculate shape.

His wardrobe is comprised of a magical set of chitin chain that when worn disguises itself as a fine set of clothing. This was an adaption Hanibaal picked up after leaving Balic due to the increase of hazards he would be facing outside city-states.

For weaponry Hanibaal is armed with a blade whip that while wielded and on command, will ignite in flame leaving the wielder unharmed but coating the length of the whip in fire. He received the weapon as a gift from an old gladiator in Balic after on of Hanibaal’s performances. The man handled the weapon to Hanibaal with out a word and left. Hanibaal tried to stop the man to get the reason for such a gift but the man didn’t stop. The reason Hanibaal knew he was a gladiator was the fighter’s brand on his upper arm. To this day Hanibaal has not seen the man again.

Hanibaal also wields a finely made steel rapier. Since he left Tyr the weapon has not left its scabbard. He named the blade after the Templar that betrayed him and plans to use the blade to fulfill a promise he made to the man.

Hanibaal later found a sling aboard a a broken vessel while traveling between South Ledopolis and North Ledopolis. He identified the sling as being powerful against giants, and refers to the weapon as “Giant Killer”

Hanibaal Demontes

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