Darian Haraxes

Ambitious High Praetor and de facto leader of Balic in Andropinis' absence


Darian is broad and strong, with the physique of a warrior. He is square-jawed, and his face shows the lines of a stern expression. He walks with purpose and speaks in a matter-of-fact baritone voice.


Darian Haraxes is a high Praetor of Balic. He was voted in under the favor of Andropinis himself, but has served as an important official for only five years. He has moved up the ranks quickly, seizing opportunity with quickness. His family is well-liked in the city, and owns several miles of farmland west of the city’s walls.

Darian’s current initiative is a widespread plan to rid Balic of all sorcery practitioners. He has organized stronger efforts to eliminate all Veiled Alliance cells from the city’s underworld.

Darian Haraxes

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