• Asis


    A cursed companion, both by undeath and traumatic upbringing by her once-savior, Kathaalis.
  • Dalamar


    A simple dune merchant and treasure-seeker, transformed by a curse promising eternal misery after finding a mysterious artifact beneath the ruins of old.
  • Hanibaal Demontes

    Hanibaal Demontes

    Exiled Tyrian noble hellbent on securing an influential foothold in the world and executing the ultimate revenge to the one who ruined him.
  • Kathaalis


    Mercenary without a company, cursed with the burden of eternal undeath after accompanying a treasure-seeker into the historical ruins of Athas.
  • Knossos


    A strange being with a tormented past.
  • Nataku


    Alienated water-priest with a genuine conscience and vision for a better world.
  • Volrouak


    A ruthless pirate captain of the Silt Sea, with a scent for coin and a magnetism for hazard.