Zagaulo is a human from Balic. He worked at the Thespian House, where he performed in plays and serves as a secret operative for the Veiled Alliance.



Zagaulo is noted for his handsome appearance. His longer black hair always falls into well-placed parts, even if howling winds are blowing. His olive skin is clear and free of impurities. Zagaulo’s bold dark eyes are framed by sweeping lashes and kempt brows. His pants have a tear in them, which Zagaulo explains as the result of an encounter with an “eager woman”.


Zagaulo was noble-born and his father was an impressive merchant who had established wares in Balic, South Ledopoulus, and Fort Glamis. His family lost much of their revenue when it was seized by Balician templars. The reason for this seizure was never made clear, and Zagaulo’s father was taxed heavily thereafter. His family were stripped of their noble status and had to make their living elsewhere.

Zagaulo has been an actor at the Thespian House for five years. He was confronted by Javairre after performing in a play about a man losing his lover to a Thrax, which Javairre expressed fondness for. the two struck up a friendship, which eventually led to Zagaulo joining Javairre’s Veiled Alliance cell.

It was also discovered that Zagaulo worked with Hanibaal Demontes at the Thespian House, where Hanibaal played cello.

He is currently still operating within the Veiled Alliance, under the lead of Grobulus. He intends to help save Javairre from captivity and execution.


Zagaulo is known to have used psionics, albeit sparingly. He used psychokinetic powers to help pilot the silt barge that Grael stole on their escape back to Balic. It is not known if he is capable of casting spells as some minstrels do.


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