Veloc is an old druid who lives in the rocky badlands west of Balic, and east of South Ledopolous.


Veloc is at least 80 years old— or he looks it, anyway. The desert sun and piercing winds have weathered his skin, and deep lines penetrate his face. He wears simple desert garb to help ward off the heat. In his lair, he wears little or no clothing. His voice is worn with the weight of his age.


Veloc is as strange as a typical hermit. He has shown little or no regard for social boundaries, as evident by walking around in the nude in the presence of others and neglecting hospitality. Veloc is helpful, however. He assisted the party with a lengthy ritual spell at no cost when they returned to his home cursed. He has also supplied them with food and water he has found.


Veloc has lived in the desert all of his life. He was raised by other druids in the badlands who have all since died out. He resides alone and survives on sustenance he finds. He is likely the only remaining druid in the badlands for many miles.

The party has an off-screen prior relationship with Veloc, who became a know-all guide of sorts when it came to the landscape. Veloc knows many secrets of the badlands and deserts outside of the towns and cities. This knowledge allowed Dalamar, Kathaalis, Asis, and Maddson to engage in treasure hunting in little-known locales. This relationship was symbiotic — the party could tell Veloc of the world and people outside of his realm, as well as provide him with foreign goods, and Veloc would provide them with potential trove locations.

Perhaps the most significant legend the party members received from Veloc was that of the abandoned arcane academy where the Obelisk was found. The place was nearly barren except for the lone Obelisk, which was found vibrant in a hollow deep within the academy.


Veloc is capable of reading arcane scripts, at least at a novice level, suggesting that he has some amount of knowledge of sorcery. He was able to tame two wild cilops to help guard his lair and assist him on treks in the rocky wastes outside.


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