Uriah's Keep

Uriah’s Keep is a fortress located on the west-most end of the Dragon’s Palate. The fortress holds an earth temple where Uriah leads his followers. The keep is notable for housing a dungeon below where Uriah keeps suspect defilers caught at and shipped from Balic.


Uriah’s Keep was once a stronghold for elf brigands, but Uriah and a small army of villagers eliminated them and Uriah took the fort for his own (Image is modified slightly. Original artwork by Noah Bradley)


The keep is located inside of a steep stone wall upon a hill just east of where the island adjoins the Estuary. Inside, a temple was erected in the name of Iax Cavaka, rumored to be a far-ancient primordial being who lay calm beneath the earth itself. The temple is fairly large, and can be seen peaking over the edges of the fortress walls. Prisoners sent to the keep are lead directly into a cell chamber below the temple to be fed into Knoibune’s lair. Those prisoners who witness the interior behind the great stone walls only do so briefly. Those who recall the interior immediately recognize it as a near self-sufficient community, with stables, housing, and the religious center.


It is known that Uriah led a militia to siege the keep some years ago. Accounts of what exactly took place vary, but it’s agreed that the treacherous elves that holed up in the fort were slain or driven out, leaving the structure to Uriah and his followers.

Uriah's Keep

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