The Grapple

The Grapple is Volrouak’s silt schooner.



An aged and roughed-up vessel, The Grapple still holds up fairly well. Volroauk has said that he only acquired it relatively recently, after a silt skirmish with Praetors took his last ship to its grave. The ship is crafted almost entirely of dark-colored wood. Its crow’s nest stands fairly tall. Noticeable scuffs, dents, and cracks can be seen in various parts of the hull. Its obsidian engine is about the size of a half-giant’s head, and rests on the headsman’s podium.


Not much is known about The Grapple’s past at this time. It was used to transport the party across the Estuary of the Forked Tongue on several occasions, and stowed the heads of the two Stonemaw architects of the twin Ledopolus cities.

The Grapple

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