South Ledopolus

South Ledopolus is the south-most of the twin-settlements known as Ledopolus. It is an ancestral home of the dwarven race, and also serves as an opportunistic trade hub for the major merchant houses. A large bridge is under construction at the north end of the village. The bridge reaches for the island of Ledo but there are still several miles to go before the bridge is complete. The labor camp that is situated before the bridge begins to cross over the silt Estuary, but its workers are freeman, not slaves.

Rocky ridges surround the settlement, and only two small roads offer accessible entry and exit points. The roads are large enough for average-sized caravans to be able to travel through comfortably. The Estuary on the horizon is coated in a wavy mirage, and Kestrekel circle the skies in in search of already dead food.

Not much else is known of this settlement at this time.


Below are major locations in South Ledopolus.

The Bearded Dwarf Inn

This tavern/lodge is fairly cozy in feel. The sign outside the door is a wooden one, and features the likeness of a dwarf painted on its facet, with long, dirty giant hair that hangs from it to simulate the dwarf’s beard. Inside, a round bar is centered in the tavern room, and several tables surround it. Oil lamps adorn the inside, bringing a dim atmospheric lighting to the tavern. Upstairs, rooms can be found. The rooms are small, and contain bare essentials (bed, bedside table, small closet, and a barred bone window with a curtain. Not many rooms seemed to have been occupied when the party rested here on the 7th of Mist.

The dwarves here seem to all know one another, or at least act friendly and talk among each other. The innkeeper Doguerod (pronounced Doag-road), is apparently mute and is also missing his right leg. Other dwarves speak for him, and don’t seem to mind.

Elves are obviously not treated well here.

The Pyramid

A Temple for the dwarven priests, the divine Pyramid seems to house clergymen of a primordial — though the PCs know not of which. The temple has a forge on a sub-level. The forge seems to supply South Ledopolus with tools. Grovak’s office is located on the same floor as the forge.

The Trade hubs

Several Merchant Houses have set up shop in town. These Houses include Wavir, Tomblador, and Inika. Each House has its own gated hub and personnel.

The Labor Camp

A guild of working dwarves are located in the labor camp. The camp is comprised of a row of tents and a storage space for tools, provided by the priests of the Divine Pyramid’s forge.

The Estuary Docks

These docks are left unattended.

The Bridge

This location has yet to be explored.



4: The Bearded Dwarf

South Ledopolus

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