Paxitus is the ringleader of the Crimson Riders, a mercenary company known for their skill in close-quarters fighting and their nefarious brutality.


A fairly tall man, Paxitus is also well-built. He wears simple dark chitin plates that cover his midsection, shoulders, forearms, and lower legs. On his ridged utility belt he carries a calhulaks, one head made of bone and the other obsidian.


Hanibaal Demontes met Paxitus after his Tomblador contact set up a meeting with the mercenary captain. Hanibaal offered Paxitus a lucrative offer of 10,000 cp if he and his mercenaries assist Hanibaal’s army in a siege on Uriah’s Keep. Paxitus accepted the half-now-half-later contract and an additional 1,000 cp for new equipment, but the mercenary captain told Hanibaal he must assemble an army greater in number than what he had if the Crimson Riders were to be of any help.


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