Non-player Characters

Below are links to NPCs and factions in this campaign. The list isn’t completely comprehensive, as the PCs have encountered many NPCs during the span of the campaign and not all were documented (or their names weren’t discovered). NPCs are arranged by the location they were last encountered. If an NPC’s location is known, but the player-characters haven’t actually met them during the campaign, the NPC’s name will not be linked to an article.


Androphinis – The Sorcerer-King of Balic.
BransonHouse Tomblador merchant and benefactor of Hanibaal Demontes.
Darian Haraxes – Praetor appointed by Androphinis to eradicate the Veiled from Balic.
De’nakIche De’wrath mercenary who specializes in espionage.
EkwuemeGulgan Nketchi disciple. Sold into slavery, he seems to perceive all of life’s journeys as valuable experiences.
Fevil – Human ex-gladiator/slave who was stolen from his lanista.
Gahij – Kegigoth’s former lanista, originally from Raam. (deceased)
Grobulus – A cell captain of the Veiled Alliance in Balic, and rogue mathematics and language teacher.
Huyar – Standoffish ex-gladiator/slave who hails from the Fire Sword elf clan.
Javairre Saun – Former cell captain of the Veiled Alliance. (in captivity)
Kegigoth – Champion gladiator of Balic.
Korvath – Mul preserver and spy for the Veiled Alliance.
Kov – Eager mul ex-gladiator/slave who is excitable for a new life.
KymlanNibenese archer, sold into slavery through her extorted father.
Lazra – Balician dwarf slave. She is carrying a Mul child and will die in labor.
Matthias – Emaciated Balician slave. Nearly killed once by a Thrax, he has been capable of harnessing volatile psychokinetic power ever since.
Paxitus – Leader of the Crimson Riders.
Porgo – Old mul ex-gladiator/slave who seems willing to rescue Javairre.
Rolich Tuften – Noble House Wavir operate and contact of Hanibaal Demontes.
SoroulIche De’wrath mercenary with extra sensory perception.
Szar – Head of the House Wavir merchant emporium in Balic.
Zagaulo – Secret operative of the Veiled Alliance and charismatic thespian.

Fort Glamis

Abraxus – Bounty hunter hired by Uriah.
Bryphero the Fortmaster – Chief of Fort Glamis.
Captain Gorda – Head of Fort Glamis’ army.
Nimgey – Shady dwarven merchant in Fort Glamis.
Paalthas – Strange afidaen seer who claims to be a rogue Praetor.

Fort Glamis Silver Mining Camp

Domtwag – Chief mining coordinator at the House Wavir silver mining camp.
Eldonno the Keeper – Head of the Fort Glamis/Wavir mining operation.
Greenshield – Human mercenary stationed at the Glamis/Wavir mining camp.


Omil – Former guard lieutenant at Uriah’s Keep who was left to die in Knoibune’s lair. No longer resides in Gareb.


The Great Ruler of Giant-kind – Divine leader of the Gigan giants of Ledo.
Meliathrax – The Great Ruler of Giant-kind’s guardian air drake.
TuocGigan giant earth elemental priest of Iax Cajaka.
Xhanyon – A leader of the Winged Mantles on the island of Ledo.

North Ledopolus

Heqar Stonemaw – A leading architect of the great Ledopolus bridge construction. (deceased)

South Ledopolus

Cassian Haraxes – Praetor and effective ruler of South Ledopolus.
Grovak Stonemaw – A leading architect of the great Ledopolus bridge construction. (deceased)
Jabea – Merchant head at House Tomblador’s seat in South Ledopolus.


Amalah Demontes – Hanibaal’s sister who remains in Tyr.
Morutahl – Hanibaal’s betraying childhood friend, and current templar in Tyr.
Nalthen Demontes – Hanibaal’s hostile uncle.
Urnhan Demontes – Hanibaal’s father, and head of the Demontes noble house in Tyr.

Uriah’s Keep

Halfling slave girl – Sexually-exploited prisoner found inside the stolen silt barge. (missing)
Knoibune – Ancient earth drake kept below Uriah’s Keep.
Uriah – High Priest of Iax Cavaka and holder of an execution-keep east of Balic.

Veloc’s Hoodoo

Veloc – Hermitic druid who lives in the badlands west of Balic. (missing)

The Grapple (Volrouak’s silt schooner)

Awok├ának – Volrouak’s Raamian psion helmsman.
Brealin Thom – Ex-pirate codger from South Ledopolus. Hired by Volrouak to crew The Grapple.


Nerlikryx – Sentient spirit that currently resides in Kathaalis’s blood-obsidian arming sword.


Company of the Callous – A four-person band of bounty-hunters. Led by Abraxus.
The Crimson Riders – Band of mercenaries with a bloodthirsty reputation.
Hanibaal’s slaves – A group of slaves purchased by Hanibaal Demontes in Balic.
Iche De’wrath – New moon elven duo who offer their furtiveness and blade for compensation.
Judaga – Warrior class from Gulg. Known to be extremely competent fighters.
Nganga – Strange mystic templars of Gulg.
Nketchi – Small, Gulgan monastic order.
Praetors – Templars of Balic. Often, ruthless enforcers of Androphinis’ will.
Rolich’s Ex-gladiators – Four assorted stolen slaves that needed to be smuggled out of Balic.
Merchant Houses – Various trading organizations of Athas.
Veiled Alliance – Secret arcane preservers and opposition force of the Sorcerer-Kings.
Winged Mantles – Rangers of Ledo.

Deceased / Retired / Inactive PCs

Armeis – Urikite librarian and secret templar. Drowned in Knoibune’s lair.
Asis – Human mercenary and partner of Kathaalis.
Eryth – Seasoned gladiator of the Criterion in Balic. Slain by an Athasian bear.
Grael – Mutated dwarven druid and son of the estranged Tolik the Heartless. Arrested and likely executed by the Praetors.
Kathaalis – An afidaen mercenary who traveled with the party through the curse. He departed the group with Asis after acquiring a psychometron crystal from the ruler of Ledo.
Maddson – Blind half-giant psion who saw the world through his mind’s eye. Died in Mount Laeron’s Crypt.

Non-player Characters

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