Age: 28
Sex: Male
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 210
Hair: None
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Tan
Handedness: Right

Description:A short but muscular Mul, Nataku has Blue tribal tattoos cover the entirety of his tan leathery skin. His light leather Armor looks overly warn and has many Pouches and bottles slung from it. Over his shoulders a worn cloak in an olive green color wraps around his body though over years of exposure to the sun Its faded to a color closer to that of the sands. Around his Neck he has a special Vial of water containing water given to Nataku from his surgate mother a water elemental and is the center of his Powers.

Personality: While Egotistical and Narcissistic Nataku Is Loyal To his friend’s and is a man of His word.

Character traits:
Character Flaws: Egotistical,Narcissistic, doesn’t like hearing no for an answer.
Bloodline: Actual bloodline is unknown Nataku was raised by a group of water elemental’s.
Contacts/Friends: Eyrth(Both served as gladiators)
Motivations: Nataku’s life long goal has been to return water to Athis to help revive the planet and regain the natural balance of elements on the planet.


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