A mul (pronounced: mül) is an incredibly tough crossbreed of humans and dwarves. They retain the height and adaptability of their human parent, plus the durability and bulk of their dwarven heritage. Muls are usually the products of the slave pits-owners recognize the muls’ assets as gladiators and laborers, and so order the births of as many muls as can be managed within the ranks of their slaves. Typically, a female human and a male dwarf are forced to copulate. The child-bearing mother almost always dies when delivering her mul offspring. Muls are born sterile – they cannot perpetuate their kind.

A full-grown mul stands 6 to 6½ feet tall and weighs 240-300 pounds. They are light-skinned, sometimes tending toward a copperish coloration. Their dwarven ancestry gives them a well-muscled frame and an incredible constitution — mul laborers can perform heavy work for days at a time without stopping. Muls have stern facial features. They are unmistakably human in appearance, though their ears are swept back and slightly angled at the ends. Most muls, whether male or female, have no hair or beard.

Born as they are to lives of slave labor, with the taskmaster’s whip taking the place of parents and family, muls are given to a gruff personality and violent reactions. Understandably, many never seek friends or companionship but live out their lives in servitude, driven by hatred and spite. Most, however, learn who to trust in the slave pits and who not to, gaining favor and reputation among the other slaves.


Racial Traits

  • +2 Str, +4 Con.
  • Restless: Muls only need half as much rest to eliminate fatigue/exhaustion.
  • Mul Resilience: Muls recover 75% of their total HP when taking 10-minute rests (instead of 50%).
  • Inborn power: Muls gain 3 PP at 1st level and a randomly-selected 1st-level power. Use the mul’s Charisma and character level to determine the DC and ML of this power (unless the mul has levels in a psionic class that uses a key ability that is not charisma).
  • Languages: Common. Bonus: Dwarven.


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