Merchant Houses

Merchant houses are trading groups located in various places throughout the Tablelands. Merchant houses vary in size, structure, people, hierarchy, and so on.

Major merchant houses

Below are several influential merchant houses known at this time.

House Inika

A reputably polite mercantile faction originating in Gulg, House Inika has spread out among the tablelands to all of the major city-states, as well as Fort Adros, Fort Harbeth, Fort Skonz, and Shazlim. Their merchants offer exports from the Oba’s forest city. Agafari is their most notable export. They are also well known for exporting small and valuable items such as Kola nuts, spices, gems, and feathers.

Inika members are known to be fairly competent in commerce because those who slack below par are gotten rid of quickly.

House Rees

House Rees is centered in Balic, but they also have a trade foothold in Altaruk. A relatively small faction, Rees isn’t known to practice in any extremes. It is known that Rees is for the use of slavery, mainly for transporting caravans from Balic to Altaruk.

House Tomblador

House Tomblador is primarily centered in Balic, although its reach stretches all the way to Tyr and back. The merchant house boasts owning the best gladiators in Balic, as well as having a strong grip on the black market and dangerous imports and exports such as drugs and poisons (although this fact is not boasted aloud).

House Wavir

House Wavir is probably the largest merchant house in Balic, and extends its power to all seven city-states, as well as Fort Glamis, Fort Thetis, Outpost Ten, and Outpost 19. House Wavir is known for having a high-road political etiquette for the most part. However, Wavir is tenacious in capturing resources. House Wavir forbids the practice of slavery and they do not work with known defilers. Water priests, preservers, and psions are frequently employed by House Wavir.

Merchant Houses

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