Ledo is the large island in the Estuary of the Forked Tongue that stands between South Ledopolus and North Ledopolus.


It is known that Ledo was once an island inhabited by dwarves. However, some centuries ago, it was overtaken by desert giants, and the dwarves were nearly exterminated from the island. The rest, left their ancient homes and fled either North or South of the island, and formed the settlements that are now known as North and South Ledopolus.

Currently, the island is still inhabited by giants. There are a handful of villages located throughout Ledo’s crags, with the most notable being the village of Gigus.

The Winged Mantles are a somewhat out-of-place faction of escaped slaves turned rangers, relocating to the Jagged Crags some years ago to avoid capture. They are elusive.


Ledo is a rigid land of mountains and sheer rock faces. Not much vegetation can be found on the island, and water sources are hoarded by the giants. Non-giants passing through the crags find them to become natural labyrinths if one is not adept at navigation.


Throughout the Crags, many dangerous creatures can be found. Mountain spiders up to the size of small houses can found in the many nooks and crannies, as well as a variety of reptiles.


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