Korvath is a mul preserver and member of the Veiled Alliance. His current whereabouts are unknown.



Korvath once delivered mail to Patricians across Balic. One of the nobles he delivered to noticed Korvath’s intelligence and secret literacy. At some time, the noble began sharing his criticisms of the current establishment and laws barring magic in the city. Korvath showed interest, and the noble introduced him to the art of magic over a course of years. The noble was eventually caught and sent to Uriah’s Keep for the cultists of Iax Cavaka to be executed.

Korvath continued studying magic and sought out the Veiled Alliance to gain a foothold for revenge against the corrupt praetors and their vile king, Androphinis.


In Breeze, Year of Priest’s Defiance, Korvath was caught in a Praetor sting during a Veiled cell meeting. He was last seen during the midst of the violent arrest as Armeis cast a magical barrier which sealed an escape route off from Korvath and the rest of the Veiled members. He cast the Urikite healer (actually a templar of Hamanu) a venomous glare as Armeis, Dalamar, Kathaalis, and Asis ran to escape with Javairre Saun.


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