Kegigoth is a champion gladiator from Gulg. He currently fights in the Criterion in Balic, but with his lanista (Ghaij) dead, it is uncertain what will happen to him.


Kegigoth is ebon-skinned. He wears a thick beard that is never braided and often bears the beads of sweat. His body is a wall of muscle and bulk, and his skin is laced with scarring from swords to spears to the teethmarks of beasts. His ears are pierced with several large rings and gauges. He carries a hardened expression and bellows a deep voice. He wears a small beating heart on a necklace, but its purpose and origin are known to few.


An extremely focused man, Kegigoth rarely dis-assumes his arena mentality. He is intense and isn’t easily ignored. He speaks in bursts, but never in insults. He commands respect but rarely has to enforce that command.


Kegigoth originated from Gulg, but was bought and traded to Balic when a balician spotter recognized his potential as a gladiator. He was then sold to Ghaij. Kegigoth earned the moniker “mul-slayer” after he defeated several muls from Raam in a handicap contest. He bore the heads of the muls before their masters, enticing the balician crowd’s support.


Trained by many ex-gladiators, Kegigoth has acquired unrivaled fighting skills in the arena. His natural physique makes him an unstoppable force. He is known to be extremely capable with any weapon he is given in the arena. He favors matches that have few stipulations, but is fairly cunning when special rules are used.


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