Campaign Objectives

  • Discover which templar(s) actually cursed the party.
  • Get rid of the Curse of Undeath.

Other Major Objectives

Listed by date (ascending order).

  • Breeze 15th – Take back the Obelisk
  • Breeze 21st – Identify Kathaalis’ glowing blood-obsidian longsword.
  • Breeze 23rd – Find out what happened to Javairre.
  • Breeze 23rd – Find out what happened to Zagaulo.
  • Breeze 26th – Evade capture by the Praetors.
  • Mist 4th – Find out what happened to Veloc.
  • Mist 4th – Find the purpose of hand-drawn map found in Veloc’s abandoned hoodoo.
  • Mist 5th – Discuss the water-shortage in Fort Glamis with Bryphero (the fortmaster)
  • Mist 5th – Meet Bryphero on the 6th of Mist to discuss the well’s shortage
  • Mist 5th – Deal with the debt collectors sent by Uriah
  • Mist 6th – Investigate and solve the water-shortage problem in the well at Fort Glamis
  • Mist 6th – Locate the silver mine about 10 miles south of Fort Glamis and use the refinery equipment there to turn the silver ingots given by Bryphero into silver powder (to use as a material component for Nataku’s holy water)
  • Mist 7th – Provide relief to the ravaged silver mine
  • Mist 7th – Head to South Ledopolus
  • Mist 8th – Sail the Estuary to North Ledopolus.
  • Mist 9th – Go to Gigus (side quest)
  • Mist 9th – Explore the Prophet’s Citadel and find a way into the citadel’s tower.
  • Mist 9th – Speak with the Great Ruler of Giant-kind.
  • Mist 9th – Kill both chief dwarven architects (Heqar and Grovak Stonemaw) in North and South Ledopolus, and bring the severed heads of the dwarves to Gigus’ Great Ruler.
  • Mist 20th – Locate Grobulus’ Veiled Alliance cell in Balic.
  • Mist 20th – Rescue Javairre from certain execution at Uriah’s Keep.
  • Mist 21st – Assemble an army and plan to take Uriah’s Keep by siege.
  • Mist 21st – Lay siege to Uriah’s Keep and succeed in seizing it.
  • Mist 22nd – Decide the fate of Uriah, his people, and his keep.
  • Mist 22nd – Speak with Javairre about the critical information he acquired relative to Dalamar’s curse.
  • Mist 23rd – Meet Amaro Yuu, the spy who uncovered the Praetor suspected of cursing the party.
  • Mist 24th – Infiltrate the Praetorium and then the King’s Old Chamber and confront Darian Haraxes.


Dark Sun: The Karsto Campaigns Michael_Feare