Javairre Saun

Javairre Saun (Juh-vare Sawn) is a Patrician (balician noble) and the former captain of the Veiled Alliance cell in which the PCs are members of. He was arrested by praetors after a meeting was crashed by the templars. His current whereabouts and status are unknown.


Javairre is a half-elf, but his face displays more human traits than elven ones. His blue eyes aren’t angled and his bone structure is more wide than high. He has long dark hair and wears knee or ankle-length robes more often than not. His sandals are crafted from the softest leathers, and his clothing is tailored and clean. His expression is distinguished as most nobles’ are, but there is a genuine warmth in his smile that isn’t common among most of the Patricians of Balic.


Javairre owned a vineyard in the villa precinct before he was arrested for being involved in a faction that promotes the use of magic and conspires against the government. His vineyard was auctioned off to another patrician (noble) after his arrest. He was due to be executed in public in Breeze of Priest’s Defiance, but was not present at the execution.


Javairre is a preserver, but his spellcasting ability is limited. Javairre’s skills rest in organization and fulfilling ambitions. Combined with his personable nature, he is a natural leader. However, his executive decisions to break normal cell operation within the Veiled Alliance led to his cell’s demise. Grobulus often forewarned him of this probability, but Javairre felt that a larger cell with closer communication would improve the VA’s processes.

Javairre Saun

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