Grobulus is a dwarf native to Tyr. He currently lives in Balic, and is currently a cell captain of the Veiled Alliance.


A typical dwarf in terms of size, Grobulus stands at about 4 1/2 feet tall, but weighs about as much as an average human male. He retains most of his miner’s build from lifting ore, but isn’t as muscular as other dwarves. Like many dwarves, he keeps his head shaved, although his dusty stubble is always visibly apparent. He usually wears simple pants and a sleeveless shirt woven from Nibenese cotton. His eyes are like piercing jade gems.


Having some 150+ years beneath his belt, Grobulus owns a fair amount of wisdom. He is a teacher, although he rarely lectures others. Not only is Grobulus against the current rule of Andropinis and the other sorcerer-kings, it is believed that he is an anarchist.

As a Veiled Alliance cell captain, Grobulus keeps the cell small and in loose contact (Unlike Javairre, who kept a unordinarily large cell). Grobulus is insightful, reserved, and calm.


Grobulus was born in Tyr, where he grew up a slave. Grobulus tended to weighing various low-tier materials that were collected in the city’s famous mine in the Ringing Mountains, and he always had an affinity for numbers. Grobulus was suspected to have taught other slaves language and mathematics but was never caught. He escaped slavery when he joined a small guild of thieves, who pulled strings to find a way out of the city. He left this guild when he discovered its members were tied to a strange elemental-worshipping cult. Grobulus moved to various locations between Tyr and Balic, but eventually settled in the City of Sails as a freeman a few years ago. King Kalak’s death only motivates him to work toward seeing the same change in other cities.


Grobulus is capable of manifesting psionic power to some extent, as evident in his piloting the obsidian engine of the stolen silt barge that was taken by Grael during their escape from Uriah’s Keep.


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