Gigus is a giant village located near the bottom-center of Ledo. It has a population of about 40 desert giants, who all revere a leader called the “Great Ruler of Giant-kind”. He is said to be a one-eyed giant augmented by divine magic.

The Village

Gigus features great stone homes, built from giant slab walls and hewn out rock faces. Large stairs climb up the rocky crags in giant-sized paces. The giants seem to be fond of keeping the skulls and bones of the dead strewn about the village, accompanying stairways and bridges between nearby mountains.

The Prophet’s Citadel

On the largest rocky spire is the ancient Prophet’s Citadel, an ancient dwarven craft that is in disrepair. The citadel is the base of a very tall tower, where it is said the Great Ruler of Giant-kind resides.


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