Gahij was a lanista native to Raam who owned Kegigoth, champion gladiator of Balic. He was murdered by Grael after an arrangement to sell Kegigoth failed.


Gahij’s skin was typical of a Raamian; deep clay tan. He was obese, pampered by the gluttony of riches earned by wages on his gladiators. He had a condescending face, framed by his turban and extra chin.


Native to Raam, it isn’t known when Gahij relocated to Balic. He was first encountered at his own manor after Grael met him to buy his best gladiator. After Grael could not provide a suitable exchange for Kegigoth, he was magically assaulted by the dwarf and poisoned. After calling the guards stationed in his home, Gahij attempted to flee. Grael then murdered Gahij with a shiv.

After his death, it isn’t known what happened to his manor or his gladiators.


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