Fort Glamis

Fort Glamis is a House Wavir trading hub and mining operations center. The entire fort is built upon an elevated bed of rock; the rocky exterior is difficult to ascend from the outside. A long agafari ramp leads up to the fort, which is drawn up and closed when night falls. The walls are about 10 ft. thick and 30 ft. high; pale stone. There are four guard towers; each tower is about 20 ft. higher than the actual wall, and feature spiral stairs that work their way up to the top. On the top of each tower sits either a ballista or a catapault (on opposing ends). Each tower has large window slits for ballista bolts to pass through with a relatively spacious amount of room.


Inside are six buldings within a wide courtyard. This includes barracks and a guest quarters that can hold about 50 merchants and laborers.

There is a guarded well at the center, over which hangs a broad adobe roof. Each gallon of water costs a ceramic piece and each person is limited to 1 gallon a day (even half-giants, who are rarely seen here). There is a small but worthwhile market, which mainly offers mining/adventuring tools and standard foods. Arms and armor can be bought off of the stationed Wavir mercenaries here, as well as from a few merchants. Some merchants buy and sell powered/magic items. Because Fort Glamis is first a trade hub, travelers can expect to find odd items for sale, as well as uncommon food and drink and other pleasures.


In early Mist, Year of Priest’s Defiance, the PCs traveled to Fort Glamis after failing to rendezvous with Veloc. The group learned of the sudden well-water shortage after hearing out the locals. Nataku spoke with Bryphero the Fortmaster about the water shortage. Nataku offered to help the people by being lowered into the well to investigate the cause.

The others helped Nataku. Once inside the deep well, the group discovered that an enormous waterskin ooze had become lodged in the aquifer and was blocking the flow of water. They slayed the beast after careful consideration.

The water flow returned to the fort and the PCs were hailed for their deed.


1. Stable

The stable is only capable of holding a few beasts. Because of this, the merchants and mercenaries here are often picked up and dropped off on predetermined schedules.

2. The well

The well is guarded. Water supply is rumored to be dwindling.

3. Merchant tents
4. Barracks
5. Lodge/mealhall
6. General warehouse
7. General supply
8. Main Operations Hall

Fort Glamis

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