Eyrth was an ex-gladiator and psychic warrior. He was played by Aaron.


Eyrth was fairly muscular and tall, with a thick face. His short, dry, dark blonde hair was parted in the middle. He favored being lightly armored.


Eyrth spent his entire memorable life living in the gladiator pits of the Criterion in Balic, and spent that life training for the arena. Very few people knew of his psionic strengths due to his fear of being targeted for the advantage.

He thought his life would be better once his owner offered retirement from the fights in exchange for a position training new recruits, but he found the walls around the arena district to resemble the walls of a dungeon meant to enslave him. He saved every bit he could towards the unreachable goal of freedom —unreachable until his fateful meeting with an elf named Dalamar.

Eyrth was killed on the 4th of Mist (Year of Priest’s Defiance) when he initiated a fight with an Athasian bear.


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