Elemental Beast

Elemental Beasts are creatures native to the major elemental planes that are summoned to the Prime Material Plane. The material plane cannot appropriately support them, and these creatures are prone to destructive rages when they cannot find sustenance.

Air Elemental Beast

Earth Elemental Beast

Fire Elemental Beast


A fire elemental beast is large four-legged creature made from pure fire. It can be summoned to any dry area, but requires a small flame to give the beast a starting point from which it can collect the heat from the surrounding area to generate its flaming body.

The fire beast resembles a large pantherlike beast with extremely broad shoulders. The elemental fire that dances and flickers throughout its body gives the illusion of rippling muscles beneath a fiery orange coat. A mane of pure fire surrounds its head and its eyes are black voids that look like empty sockets. Flames lick out from its formless, ever-changing face, but there is the consistent appearance of large fiery teeth. The fire beast emits a fierce bellow that sounds like the roar of a hundred fires.

Water Elemental Beast

Elemental Beast

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