Dragon's Palate

Dragon’s Palate is the large island east of Balic in the Estuary of the Forked Tongue. Uriah’s Keep is located here.


The island spans about 55 km (~35 miles) from the sandy west coast to the rocky east coast. Notable features of the island include three mountains: Hikka Kraga (Light Hill), Haja Raka (The Howling Mountain), and Draga Raka (Dragons Mountain), listed by location from southwest to northeast respectively. Haja Raka is a porous mountain, with many tunnels in which wind bellows through (making the whistling sounds the mountain is named for). Draga Raka is located on the northeast section of the island, and features a large natural rock formation on the coast that resembles a dragon’s open mouth, about to devour the earth itself.

Haja Raka is bowl-shaped, and when storms envelope the island, the mountain collects large amounts of water which flows down through its tunnels and rivers to feed the mud flats located at the river mouths. Three rivers flow from the Howling Mountain, one flowing northwest, one south, and one east. During rain storms, these rivers become powerful torrents of rushing water, which only giants can move through.

Mud flats are found throughout the island, mainly at the mouths of the three rivers, but also at the base of the Howling Mountain.

Flora and Fauna

The island’s mud flats are populated by many types of vegetation, as well as swarms of biting insects which only secede when the island is in a long drought or when there is a downpour.

Since tunnels run through the island, Gith and reptilian creatures can be found in sizable numbers, although most of the Gith remain underground.

A tribe of giants are known to reside in the more mountainous regions to the center and east of the island, only venturing west occasionally to hunt (Gith mainly, but sometimes the civilized residents of the island).

Dragon's Palate

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