Deep Crystal

Deep crystal is found in small deposits deep underground. Deep crystal comes in many colors and crystal patterns, but the distinguishing thing about deep crystal is that it is harder and sturdier than mundane crystal. Deep crystal can be powered by psionic characters to increase their damage output. Any creatures that are immune or have DR vs. ectoplasmic effects receive that protection versus a powered deep crystal weapon.

Type of Deep Crystal item Item cost modifier
Ammunition +10 cp each
Weapon +1,000 cp

Powering a Deep Crystal weapon

Spending 2 PP adds +2d6 ectoplasmic damage to the weapon. Channeling power into the crystal is a free action and does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Powering the weapon or ammunition creates both an auditory and visual effect. You can either channel a single weapon or 10 units of ammunition at a time. The charge lasts 1 minute or until the next successful attack.

Deep Crystal

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