Curse of Undeath

The curse of undeath is the unique and powerful affliction that plagues the player-characters. This mysterious curse befell the PCs after an encounter with the praetors of Balic. The curse slowly drains the health of the PCs, and seems to promise that they rise as restless undead after it kills them. Veloc was the first to reveal exactly what the curse was and what affect it was having on the PCs. Besides slaying the templar(s) who cursed them, it’s not clear whether there is another sure way of ridding the curse completely.


The curse slowly saps the constitution of its victim. As long as a creature carries the curse, it suffers -2 CON damage that cannot be restored until the curse is removed entirely. Each day the creature bears the curse, it must make a fortitude save or take another 1d4 points of CON damage. Once the creature’s CON score reaches 0, it dies. It is assumed that at some point thereafter, that creature will rise as some sort of undead.

The curse may create an aura around the afflicted. It is possible that the unafflicted Grael was cursed purely by proximity and over-exposure to the other PCs.

Ridding the curse

Veloc said that the only sure way for the PCs to destroy the curse of undeath is to slay the one(s) who cursed them. This has proven difficult, as the PCs do not know who exactly cursed them the day they met with the praetors in Balic. Veloc once used an augmented version of a remove curse spell, which seems to have been holding the curse at bay. However, the remove curse spell that Veloc cast did not remove the curse of undeath entirely. It is unknown whether a more powerful version of remove curse is available to the PCs. It is unknown exactly how much time Veloc’s spell gave the PCs.

Restoration, lesser and restoration may have a similar effect on the curse, but this is not confirmed.

It is plausible that the curse may only be delayed by high caster level versions of remove curse.

Curse of Undeath

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