In most “civilized socieities”, people are arranged into classes in a caste system. Major castes are usually composed of: slaves, freemen, nobles, and templars.


Slaves are the most abundant of all the castes. A slave is owned by a master(s) and toils for bare essentials against their will. In some city-states, slaves are treated better or worse than in other settlements. Generally, slaves are worked until they are freed somehow, they are no longer able to work, or die. Most gladiators are slaves. Criminals who are caught may become slaves if they are not already (although criminals who commit severe crimes are usually tortured/killed outright).


Freemen are not bound by slavery, nor do they have any sort of special status within a society. Merchants, artisans, and other service-people make up the majority of this class. A freeman is still often subject to unfair laws and regulations, and can become slaves if they happen to be caught committing criminal acts or even unluckily face the iron fist of an unruly templar.


Nobles are comprised of families or “houses” which possess great wealth and/or influence in political affairs. Nobles always have surnames or “housenames”, which they often wear proudly or use a wedge to gain automatic authority over lower class citizens. Not all nobles are corrupt, but the wealth and power associated with this class tempts even the most humble with the ease of high social stature.


Templars are the highest class in any given city-state. They are granted powers by their Sorcerer-king and great authority over their domain’s citizens. Templars have ranks, and lower-ranked templars typically fill smaller roles in their society than higher-ranked templars. The highest templars are the closest to the king, and have the greatest power over others (besides the Kings themselves). All templars have surnames, and templars are usually referred to by their role in their society (e.g.: Brak Fordul, waste-management officer, or Crenshao Azul, high templar, etc.)


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