Asis was saved/captured by a Kathaalis some 10 years ago when she was only 9 years of age. At the time, she was living in a small house along a tiny trade road at an ambiguous location. Kathaalis said that he helped slay a giant that was terrorizing Asis and her mother. He also spoke of snatching the girl to safety from a band of gnolls who poured into the trade road’s valley. Kathaalis rode away with Asis on his mount, leaving his adventuring companions and Asis’ mother behind.

It is not clear what happened exactly in the next decade, but it’s assumed that the afidae raised the girl to some degree, and brainwashed (and plausibly abused) her.


Asis has long dark brown hair. She retains her youthful beauty despite her experiences as a mercenary, but that is the only noticeably beautiful thing about her.


Asis is as unethical as Kathaalis, doing what he directs her to do out of fear and duty. Her relationship with Kathaalis is also a sexual one, and one that borders on blatant abuse.


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