Armeis was an Urikite templar. He was played by Aaron.


Armeis has black skin, though not darkened by the sun as he didn’t often see the sun as a day-laborer would. His head was shaven bald. His jaw was square and thick, and the bridge of his nose held up simple round spectacles (It is assumed Armeis had poor vision).


Armeis was once a templar in the city-state Urik. He worked as a librarian there, tending to the storage of protected information. He left Urik for Balic. In Balic, he was approached by Dalamar, Kathaalis, and Asis for healing after they had emerged from the Mount Laeron crypt. He listened to their story about the templars and the Obelisk, and was intrigued enough to join their cause. He adventured with them for some time, joining the Veiled Alliance (even though he was secretly a templar). In Uriah’s Keep, he was briefly detained before attempting escape with his adventuring companions after being thrown into Knoibune’s lair. The only way out was through a small underwater stream located deep in the earth drake’s lair. He hesitated going under for too long, and the light of Kathaalis’ newly found enchanted obsidian blade faded before he could see his way out. He drowned. In Dark Sun.


Armeis was mild-mannered, and spoke with composure. It would not be revealed to the others that he was a templar himself until he attempted to use his status as a bargaining chip at Uriah’s Keep. And even then, it was not revealed that he only sought to join the party for their lost obelisk, which he had hoped to claim for his own and bring back to Urik as an offer for his Sorcerer-king, Hamanu.


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