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  • Fort Glamis

    Fort Glamis is a [[House Wavir]] trading hub and mining operations center. The entire fort is built upon an elevated bed of rock; the rocky exterior is difficult to ascend from the outside. A long [[agafari]] ramp leads up to the fort, which is drawn up …

  • South Ledopolus

    South Ledopolus is the south-most of the twin-settlements known as Ledopolus. It is an ancestral home of the dwarven race, and also serves as an opportunistic trade hub for the major merchant houses. A large bridge is under construction at the north end …

  • House Wavir silver mining camp

    Established and maintained by [[Merchant Houses|House Wavir]].

    Rock Gate

    The Rock Gate is a large natural rock formation that serves as the needle to the [[Road of Legions|Road of Legions']] thread. The rocky wall allows the road to pass through the natural bridge. The Rock Gate is the only opening into Balician land for a …

  • Estuary of the Forked Tongue

    The silt-filled channel called the Estuary of the Forked Tongue slices inland from the [[Silt Sea]] for more than 250 miles. Its two forks serve as the primary barrier to travel in the region. Dozens of small islands fill the channels, but only a few …

  • Silt Sea

    The sunken basin of dust and silt continues north along the eastern coast of the Jagged Cliffs Region. It has the same properties as the area east of the Tyr Region, and all of the methods of travel, features, and hazards described earlier apply. As …

  • Gigus

    Gigus is a giant village located near the bottom-center of Ledo. It has a population of about 40 desert giants, who all revere a leader called the "Great Ruler of Giant-kind". He is said to be a one-eyed giant augmented by divine magic. h3. The Village …

  • Jagged Crags

    The Jagged Crags are a range of rigid mountains that make up the island of [[Ledo]].

  • Ledo

    Ledo is the large island in the [[Estuary of the Forked Tongue]] that stands between [[South Ledopolus]] and [[North Ledopolus]]. h3. History It is known that Ledo was once an island inhabited by [[Dwarf|dwarves]]. However, some centuries ago, it …

  • Dragon's Palate

    Dragon's Palate is the large island east of [[Balic]] in the [[Estuary of the Forked Tongue]]. [[Uriah's Keep]] is located here. h3. Geography The island spans about 55 km (~35 miles) from the sandy west coast to the rocky east coast. Notable …

  • The Grapple

    _The Grapple_ is [[:captain-volrouak|Volrouak's]] silt schooner.

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    Uriah's Keep

    Uriah's Keep is a fortress located on the west-most end of the [[Dragon's Palate]]. The fortress holds an earth temple where [[Uriah]] leads his followers. The keep is notable for housing a dungeon below where Uriah keeps suspect defilers caught at and …

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