Longbow of Frost

weapon (ranged)

The longbow of frost is the primary weapon Dalamar uses. Its body is composite, featuring sun-bleached agafari wood and an ultra-durable bowstring. The tips of the body are always cold, and give off a white frost-bitten sheen. The grip is also cool to the touch. When an arrow is knocked, the arrowhead begins to let off a cold fog that shimmers with tiny ice crystals that soon dissipate with the hot surrounding air.

This bow is considered to be very exotic.

This bow is a psionic item.


Dalamar took the bow of frost on his escape out of Balic when (likely a city official) sent a group of bounty-hunters after the elf and two escaped gladiators. Dalamar was wanted for his involvement in the murder of the wealthy Patrician and lanista, Gahij. The group of bounty hunters tracked down the escapees, and attempted to capture them by force. One of the bounty hunters, a psionic man-hunter, carried the bow. It is not clear if the bow was created by that psion or not.

Longbow of Frost

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