Fervent demagogue priest of Iax-Cavaka


Uriah had strong features. His eyes were sharp and his stark eyebrows could furl them to hurl glares like daggers. Despite this, Uriah presented a calm — even warm — face to the world. He dressed in simple robes, and his belt seated many jewels of the earth. His lithe bony fingers were adorned with jeweled and clay rings.


It is said that Uriah got his famous keep by leading a band of militiamen from his home village to eliminate the brigands who holed up there and pillaged the surroundings. His connection to the primordial being Iax Cavaka played a role in securing the keep for his people.

There, he established a cabal of priests and bought local soldiers to guard the temple. Eventually, Uriah became obsessed with restoring the pillaged land by means of magi-sacrifices. He forged trade-bonds with the templars of Balic, who always seemed to have an abundance of captured preservers and defilers. Legend holds that Uriah heeded the whispers of his primordial instructor and established the trade of living captures who dabbled in “destructive” magic, to bring them to his keep and have them executed by feeding them to his precious Knoibune, an earth drake of divine importance.

When the party was shipped off to Uriah’s keep in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, he had them locked in cells with other suspect arcanists and members of the Veiled Alliance. Before their scheduled execution, Uriah explained that he must restore Athas by putting its defilers “back into the earth itself”. He explained that the deaths of these defilers pleased the earth primordial and healed the earth, noting that the lands surrounding the keep were flourishing with new springs and vegetation.

When the party escaped after they stole a silt barge docked outside a wing of his keep, Uriah contracted the bounty hunter Abraxus to locate them. Abraxus was not to re-capture or kill the escapees, but instead confront them for monetary compensation of Uriah’s stolen and wrecked vessel.

Siege of Uriah’s Keep

On Mist 22nd, Year of Priest’s Defiance, a small army of slaves and mercenaries led by Hanibaal Demontes stormed Uriah’s stronghold and seized it with force, killing a portion of the Keep’s watchmen and holding the citizens inside. Hanibaal and Captain Volrouak confronted Uriah after Hanibaal and a few of his hireling Crimson Rider mercenaries failed to take the temple below.

While Uriah was exhorting power from his primordial atop the stairway leading into his temple, Hanibaal used a teleportation spell to intercept the priest. Hanibaal ordered Volrouak to slay Uriah, which he did with a heavy heave of his two-handed sword. This grievously wounded Uriah, severing his torso from his lower-half in one blow. Uriah, fading presumably into death, incanted a miracle to subdue and harm Volrouak before losing consciousness.

Nataku, who had aligned himself with Uriah after coming to a violent disagreement with his former adventuring associate Hanibaal, saw the legs of Uriah roll down the temple’s steep stairway, and rushed up to meet the other half of the Earth priest laying before a lurching Volrouak and Hanibaal. Nataku stabilized Uriah’s better half with his own Primordial’s power, then took the body from Hanibaal after a short violent confrontation, all the while in the form of a manifested cyclone of water.

Resurrection and release of Knoibune

Nataku delved into the temple, where he had several of the cell-block guards allow him passage to see Knoibune, in an effort to offer Uriah to the rumoured divine avatar of Iax-Cavaka. In Knoibune’s lair, Nataku set Uriah’s body before the earth drake, which proved its divine connection to Iax Cavaka and revived Uriah. Uriah’s wound had sealed, and he told Nataku that he had seen a vision granted to him by his god while he was so close to death.

Temporarily granted life by his god, Uriah had Nataku deliver him to Knoibune. Uriah spoke to the drake, and upon being set back down on the ground, told Nataku that he was to release Knoibune from his lair. The drake then drove itself through the earth with supernatural grace and delicacy.

Uriah was left below his keep in Knoibune’s lair. It is assumed he died after Nataku left the cavern.


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