Saraat At'Haluud

Salty elf with the biggest dick


On the Googlymoog

Culture: Primitive
Career: Hunter
Race: Elf
Homeland: Ivory Plains
Weight: 229
Height: 7’2"
Handedness: Right
Build: Lithe
Gender: Male
Social Class: Freeman


Shairikeen (Primordial) l Shar-i-keen l
Primordial of flesh and bone taking the shape of a giant Silt Worm (for my fremen boner). After the God and Primordial wars Shairikeen was exiled to the Plane of Salt, an endless darkened landscape formed of a jagged collection of salt. Shairikeen’s exile is especially cruel due to Shairikeens need to continuously dig through the earth to survive. This causes the harsh landscape to unceasingly rake Shairikeen’s flesh to the bone, causing Shairikeen to use it’s powers to eternally regenerate the loss.

Ty-h’kadi (Primordial) l no-idea l but is a real primordial in the lore
Primordial of Thunder and Lightning. Betrayer of Shairikeen during the god wars of Athas. The betrayal was due to the gods promising Ty-h’kadi more power for the location of Shairikeen allowing them to find and banishment.

At’Huulud-dai ( Tribal name in Elven, in Common its Fury Of The White Sands)

An elven subtribe long split from the Silt Stalkers, that for generations has roamed the body of the Ivory Plains. The reason they choose to live in such a desolate land is due to a connection to a banished primordial dicovered long ago. All members of the small tribe worship this connection and see themselves as needed protectors of the area they believe is the primordial’s only passage back to the material plain. The tribe has many shrines to Shairikeen set up through out the Ivory Plains that act as markers in the tribes never ending circuit of the Plains. The shrines are spaced out every 30-50 miles each and often in an area that offers the most protection. Due to their dwelling in the infertile lands of the Ivory Plains the tribe has had a generational history of isolation. This isolation has held the tribe in a primitive nomadic life. Food and water are a day to day struggle as well as protection from the horrors of the Plains. Rarely the tribe encounters people trying to cross the Plains as a caravan or mercenary groups, but the tribe often kills those trespassing through the plains unless a person is found with no weapons and often no supplies as the tribe believes they do not intend to hurt Shairikeen.

Sarraat ( Elven for Stalker of the Magic Sands, and shared name amongst the tribes Chiefs: Past, present, and future.)
Born as the Chief-son Sarraat is the next in line for leadership of the At’huulud tribe. Sarraat holds this responsiblity very seriously and it pushes him to take everything one step further. Since youth Saraat showed promise in the tribe both physically and spiritally and showed no fear pushing his skills to the absolute limit if it meant the betterment of tribe. His most recent posistion in the tribe was part of the scouting team of hunters who ran ahead of the tribe to their shrines and cleared any hostilities that may have been present. On one of the scouting trips a lightning strike struck a rock near the scouts and when Sarraat investigated the area he discovored an artifact left by Ty-h’kadi himself, a dark jagged stone with a stone heart of black purtruding from the center. When Sarraat brought the discovery back to the tribe so they could examine it they quickly found it allowed a tribesman to finish the same amount of work that the whole tribe could do in a day. Work became easier and life became better for the tribe causing great eleation towards Sarraat. However, the tribe soon became corrupted by use of the find to finish their work and arguments flared only stifled by the Chief’s condemnation. However, when the next argument flared in a shrine the object took grasp and destroyed the shrine of Shairikeen. The tribe became distrought with fear that Shairikeen would find this as a betrayal and the chief ordered its destruction so Shairikeen would know the corruption was lanced, only the object was impervious to rock and bone. Sarraat then swore that he brought the corruption into to the tribe and it was his job and that he would take it to Ty-h’kadi and make him destroy it with the lightning that created it. After Sarraat gathered his supplies and started his run for he believed he must reach the land where Ty-h’kadi ruled and that was beyond the span of where any elf had ran before. Due to Sarraat’s tenacity and power he was capable of running for enormous distances and had ran for a few days time before he ran into an impassible silt sea so he followed the coast until he came upon a small kank trapped in some roping so he slayed the beast for a quick meal and while prepping the honey sac men sprung upon him roping his legs before he could dart the men had Sarraat hogtied and thrown into a caged cart. As the cart moved north the men eventually took all of the items Sarraat held including the artifact and sent Sarraat’s cart further north with even more strangers.


Lootuuk: Imagine this but much larger with a long 2handed shaft
[[File:368148 | class=media-item-align-none | 100×127px | stone-axe.jpg]]

Keuta: Small curved sword
[[File:368149 | class=media-item-align-none | 200×150px | Trk121LargePic1.JPG]]

Saraat At'Haluud

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