Peppery Iche De'wrath mercenary with a tendency towards espionage and snark


De’nak is of fairly advanced age, perhaps in his 90s. He is tall, even for an elf, standing nearly 7 1/2 feet tall, though lithe and quick. He is of dusky complexion, a trait of his kin in the New Moon clan. He is relaxed and amusable but often speaks with an unwarranted attitude. He gives the vague sense that he is privy to something unknown to others.


De’nak was a spy for various human merchants in Raam before he was hired on by Dalamar. He would also work as a double agent for his own tribe, pointing out weak contraband trails for them to rob. It is known he was caught by slavers on a trip home after he helped take Uriah’s Keep, but escaped after a few others rebelled against their master. De’nak was soon thereafter intercepted by the bounty hunter Abraxus and Hanibaal Demontes and reemployed at Fort Karsto, along with Soroule.

In his time, he has become comfortable with humans and their customs.


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