A once simple dune merchant and treasure-seeker, now transformed by a curse of inevitable undeath


Dalamar is an elven scoundrel and merchant. He is played by Canaan.

Dalamar Silvertongue, as a young adventuring dune merchant.


Dalamar was an elf merchant who was born into the Sky Singer tribe. He ran with his fellow elves until he reached adulthood. Dalamar then left the tribe not long after to seek out his own experiences. He met Kathaalis, Asis, and Maddson sometime after setting out on his own. They became a small company of treasure-hunters finding wealth in the ancient ruins of Athas.


Dalamar’s choices in life often reflect what seems to be a good idea to him at the time. Earlier in his career, Dalamar was purely out for himself and what personal gains he could gather. However, he has expressed less and less apathy as he continues to suffer with the curse. This is exemplified by his fear for Armeis’ life in Uriah’s Keep, and his vocalized concern over Kathaalis’ actions in Balic after his mercenary companion became unhinged and began involving himself in seemingly aimless detached and violent behavior.

Dalamar still values freedom over anything else (as such, he fled from Ghaij’s manor after Grael was incapacitated by Praetors, leaving the dwarf to be captured).


Bringing worth back to his desert tribe is a low-key but constant influence on Dalamar’s actions and choices. It isn’t clear what would satiate the elf, but maybe this is because he simply isn’t finished with this individualistic chapter of his life.

The Curse

Dalamar was probably hit the hardest by the strange curse that has plagued the party for the past couple of months. While Veloc’s magic alleviated most of the burden and bought the elf time, it appears as though Dalamar is the first to see the ritual’s effects wear off. Noting how long the effort to find a way to remove the curse has been going on, and the constricting effects it has on his personal freedom and ability to feel in good-health, Dalamar seems to dwell on the curse moreso than the others. The elf has began many weary monologues about the events that led up to his affliction, and what must be done to remove it.


The once-merchant Dalamar keeps a set of multi-purpose tools on the bandoleer beneath his feather-weight robes, as well as other trinkets he has found. He is fond of a special cloak he bought from Szar, one of the heads at the Wavir merchant house in Balic. The cloak is a fine-threaded garment that drapes gracefully over the elf’s robes, trailing just above his heels. Its composition and appearance changes to match the surroundings of the wearer, enhancing Dalamar’s ability to move without notice if need be.

The elf’s bow is unique, and was powered with a cryogenic essence by an ambitious psion no doubt. When an arrow is nocked, the head emits a slowly-freezing foreboding aura, which transforms into a bluish-silver streak of deadly cold when the arrow is fired. The shock of such cold magic piercing flesh in such a hot world as Athas is enough to send some creatures into shock.

Perhaps Dalamar’s most valuable trinket is a small necklace he pried from a dead gith. On the amulet’s cord hangs a tear-shaped bit of glass, that seems to hold cool, crystal-clear water. The inside of the glass never shows humidity or condensation. When worn, the necklace quenches the wearer’s thirst and sates all hunger. Fearing dependence or some misunderstood side-effect, Dalamar never wears the thing, and instead keeps it stashed away for his own reasons.


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