Dark Sun: The Karsto Campaigns

Intermission: Haitus events

What has happened to the characters since the 3 month break?

The assassination of Kegigoth’s master turned to disaster, yet the fleet-footed elf Dalamar manages an escape from the Raamian’s patrolled courtyard (but not without bloodshed). The haste of the elf’s break was comparable to the healthiest of dune-runners, and for that escape Dalamar was able to override his terrible malady. By the time the additional Praetors who were summoned at Ghaij’s estate arrived, Dalamar had already cleared the Villa Precinct. He sprinted through noblemen’s yards, catapulted over neck-high walls, rolled through city-debris, and made way down dense and winding alleyways. The elf attracted suspicion from several patrols, and so he had to think quickly as he ran. Dalamar dove into the Arena Precinct’s slums, throwing caution to the night’s wind. Some of the alleyways were so closed in they more resembled dungeon corridors, but the desperate elf didn’t care. The way through was sprinkled with the night’s dark denizens, holding N’ko shard and hallucinogenic woads— and likely concealed daggers. The potential danger of being attacked by these cutthroats paled in the light of being imprisoned and likely put to death. Dalamar kept running at a blinding pace. Hooded doorways, veiled windows, and broken flagstones all passed him by. In his dash, the elf was careful to avoid the slave waste that had been dumped into the extended sliver of an alleyway. However, he was not careful enough to notice the sudden drop in the end section of the slum backway, and he fell haphazardly into the unexpected urban gorge…

Grael could barely struggle with the templars who descended upon him. The poison he had mislaid had absorbed fully into his foul-intentioned flesh. The dwarf’s eyes began to roll, and his limbs grew stiff with the consistency of an agafari tree. By the time Grael could move a finger, the Praetors had dragged him out of the disheveled hallway and into confining manacles that bit at his motionless wrists. He faded in and out of consciousness, surviving perhaps because of his race’s hardiness, or because the dosage he self-inflicted was too small. The templars tied him to a crodlu and rode off into his inevitable detainment.

Dalamar landed back-first into the dark pit of the holding block. The elf’s bones collided hard with the packed sandstone floor. Dalamar attempted to roll with the fall, and arrived as upright as he could. Around him was a amalgam of tall huts and large tents. Several unlit bamboo torches stood stuck in the bits of earth where stone was missing. The flames of the day had been snuffed, and were it not for the elf’s acute low-light vision, he would not have seen the two watchful gladiators poised alertly a few paces away from him…

As for the dwarf Grael, he becomes a part of a perplexing motif, as he suffers the same exact fate his estranged father did at the hands of the very same templars, in the very same city, with a very similar criminal record. What eerie and coincidental destinies time sometimes weaves…

(to be continued and expanded upon)



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