Dark Sun: The Karsto Campaigns

E18: Two Heads, One Crown

Above the stone city of Gigus dwells a great divine ruler.

The tower's pinnacle chamber hosts a variety of luxuries unexpected in a Giant's lair: an elaborate bone and bronze chandelier hangs from the high, arched ceiling (dancing flames atop), finely-woven royal and violet curtains drape over several large hidden fixtures, and the sandstone floor is nearly polished. A warm evening breeze sifts and searches its way into the area and out the other end through huge open windows overlooking the city below. Large curtains breathe in the air in each window.

Perhaps the most startling image this chamber forces your eyes to see is the large air drake sleeping lightly in the room's center - its cream-colored scales inconsistent in luster, some reflecting the torchfire above with mirror-like luminescence, others dull or gritty. The gargantuan beast breathes slowly with deep resonance, the air occasionally exits the thing's gnarled snout, exposing sharp and unclean teeth. The drake is probably as long as 7 men from head to tail, and two men tall.

A large, partially obscured monster of a man-shaped being rises slowly from behind the drake, revealing a comprehensive and frightening obsidian suit of armor. The thing's head is partially concealed by a cowl, and the visible face only suits one eye, which is abnormally large and seats sparks in its irises. Above the eye is a beautiful crown, featuring several stones of the earth of different colors, all pleasant to the eye and seem to project a dim iridescent glow. The giant's face is nose-less and bears a maw with sharp teeth, which expose themselves when the cycloptic ruler beckons the visitors to speak.

9th of Mist, Year of Priest’s Defiance



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