Dark Sun: The Karsto Campaigns

E16: Into the Prophet's Citadel (part 1)

The party enters the expansive aging citadel immediately north of Gigus.

Echoes of dwarven generations long dead appear in their ancient divination circles and altar rooms. The occasional dwindled carcass of reptilian beasts litter the checkered rose taupe stone floors, which are caked in dust and debris. The Citadel’s chambers lay in ruin, and the only inhabitants seem to be unintelligent beasts that have used the place for shelter.

The first level of the Prophet’s Citadel

Entering the aged citadel through a large fissure in the perimeter’s wall, the party finds themselves in an unused altar room. A sculpture of a rigid face stands upon the altar, sheathed in a permanent divine flame. Investigation of the statuette reveals it was used for rituals, and is likely a dwarven representation of the primordial Kol-Tukulkg, a being rumored of granting fire to the Tablelands.

The group sifts through old bed quarters, which appear to have been barracks for acolyte priests.

The group presses on to enter a very large circular chamber, that is supported by many tall pillars. Two large serpents appear to have nested in the room, and the party deals with the beasts to move through the chamber freely (fight was probably less epic than it should have been).



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