Dark Sun: The Karsto Campaigns

E04: Uriah's Keep

Captured by templars, the party is shipped off to an island's keep to be executed


  • ~21 of Breeze (not sure on exact date)
  • Party gets transported across the Estuary of the Forked Tongue on a silt barge with other shackled captives
  • The barge arrives at Uriah’s Keep at after a couple hours
  • The keep is a large fortress sitting on the sheer of a small, rocky mountain
  • PCs wait to be detained in dingy cells in the lower level of the keep
  • PCs are kept here overnight
  • Uriah, a self-declared high priest of Iax Cavaka, talks to each character individually
  • Uriah talks about his need for defilers to “feed back into the depleted earth”, although the PCs are unsure what he means by this (although it’s safe to assume they are to be executed in some way for being associated with a “terrorist” group in Balic
  • When crudely armed cell guards open the door to Kathaalis’ cell-block, they are startled to see that the afidae mercenary has taken the features of a decayed undead creature (which is actually his racial shapechanging ability)
  • Kathaalis uses this distraction to overcome the guards, killing the first one violently with his bare hands and then slaying the next with the first guard’s bone morningstar
  • The afidae makes it out of his cell, where he kills a few more guards in close-combat
  • The main corridor door closes and locks shut, and a cloud of greenish-yellow powdery substance falls from grates in the ceiling and fills the air
  • Everyone in the cell row looses consciousness soon thereafter
  • The PCs awaken in a huge dark dirt pit, the only light being from beyond a portcullis above (they discover that to be the cell row they were just in)
  • There is another dwarf with them, who is banging on the portcullis bars and yelling for “Uriah!”
  • He eventually gives up angrily and approaches the party
  • Turns out he was one of their cell guards, who Uriah turned on when he realized that the prisoners were not manacled

to be continued…



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